We make workplaces safer, which helps companies reduce costs and increase profitability.

We are a hands-on, high-energy company comprised of dedicated Safety Professionals focused on creating environments where risks are mitigated, and employees feel safe, respected, and valued. This statement drives our purpose as a company. We believe that by continuously working to improve safety cultures, we will have a direct impact on those we serve including the safety, health, and well-being of our client’s employees in addition to our client’s bottom line. Together we’ve provided the most effective workplace safety solutions available in the market today.

Erick Eyth – Professional Photo

Erick Eyth

Vice President
Tony Abbate – Professional Photo

Tony Abbate

Team Lead
Ryan Bixler – Professional Photo

Ryan Bixler

Team Lead
Danny Thomas – Professional Photo

Danny Thomas

Team Lead
Brennan Perry – Professional Photo

Brennan Perry

Safety Professional
Tyler Friedline – Professional Photo

Tyler Friedline

Safety Professional
Megan Disciascio – Professional Photo

Megan Disciascio

Safety Professional
Alan Mosi

Alan Mosi

Safety Professional
Stephanie Grabowski – Professional Photo

Stephanie Grabowski

Safety Professional
Beatriz Colio – Professional Photo

Beatriz Colio

Safety Professional
Brad Penrose – Professional Photo

Brad Penrose

Safety Professional
Joy Pierce_Professional Photo

Joy Pierce

Safety Professional
Paula Bandi – Professional Photo

Paula Bandi

Quality Assurance Team Lead
Autumn Pastor – Professional Photo

Autumn Pastor

Quality Assurance

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