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We make workplaces safer, which helps companies reduce costs and increase profitability.

We are a hands-on, high-energy company comprised of dedicated Safety Professionals focused on creating environments where risks are mitigated, and employees feel safe, respected, and valued. This statement drives our purpose as a company. We believe that by continuously working to improve safety cultures, we will have a direct impact on those we serve including the safety, health, and well-being of our client’s employees in addition to our client’s bottom line. Together, our loss prevention team provides the most effective workplace safety solutions available in the market today.

Erick Eyth Professional Photo

Erick Eyth

Vice President
Ryan Bixler Professional Photo

Ryan Bixler

Team Lead
Daniel Thomas Professional Photo

Danny Thomas

Team Lead
Brennan Perry Professional Photo

Brennan Perry

Safety Professional
Brad Penrose Professioal Photo

Brad Penrose

Safety Professional
Tyler Friedline Professional Photo

Tyler Friedline

Safety Professional
Megan Disciascio Professional Photo

Megan Disciascio

Safety Professional
Alan Mosi Professional Photo

Alan Mosi

Safety Professional
Lenny Johnson Professional Photo

Lenny Johnson

Safety Professional
Melissa Raley Professional Photo

Melissa Raley

Safety Professional
Joyce Pierce Professional Photo

Joy Pierce

Safety Professional
Corey Yahner Professional Photo

Corey Yahner

Safety Professional
Jeremy Tritle – Meet the Team

Jeremy Tritle

Safety Professional
Paula Bandi Professional Photo

Paula Bandi

Quality Assurance Team Lead
Autumn Pastor Professional Photo

Autumn Pastor

Quality Assurance

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