Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

We are excited for our 1st employee spotlight here at Synergy! Let us introduce to you Erica DeCarmen.

We asked Erica some questions about her experiences with Synergy as well as some fun facts about her.  Erica started with SOS Consulting as an intern/claims coordinator for SOS accounts her senior year of college.  Erica was a criminal justice major and found the claims management position at Synergy interesting because she could utilize her investigative skills.  Erica stated “after working with other carriers, my impression was that Synergy had a truly unique model that focused on changing a company culture in terms of how they viewed safety and they had a much different, proactive approach in terms of claims management which stood out to me from my interactions with other carriers in our industry”.

When asked what has surprised her the most about working for Synergy, Erica states:

“… how we have maintained our integrity in terms of our program through growth. Also, it’s great how every voice within the company is heard and it’s nice knowing that you really have an impact on the direction of the department/company.”.

As a  supervisor in the claims department, she also maintains an active caseload of claims.  Erica wants everyone to know that Synergy employees are passionate and dedicated to their roles and because of that the company is poised for rapid growth.”….”I’m excited about the direction we are going and for the future of this company ”

Now onto the fun stuff…

When Erica is not working, she enjoys to spend time with her family.  She has a one year old son who she loves to play with and watch him learn and discover new things.  Her favorite food is pizza, she is terrified of flying, and describes herself as a loyal and fun loving person!

Thank you Erica for all of your hard work at Synergy!